Can I make copies of the music once I print it?

Unless specifically granted by the copyright owner or administrator, no additional copies of a copyrighted work are permitted to be produced outside what is allowed by current copyright law. For more information on current copyright laws, please visit http://www.copyright.gov. For licensing requests please go to http://www.alfred.com/Licensing.aspx.

Will more titles be added to the site?

Yes! We are adding new titles regularly, so check back often to see what’s available.

Can I transpose sheet music?

Some of our sheet music is currently transposable, and we are adding this feature to more and more titles on a regular basis. If you see a “transposition” bar above the sheet music, it is transposable. If that bar is not there, it is not transposable.

Where do I find the videos and audio tracks that accompany the sheet music?

Some of our sheet music comes bundled with audio and/or video. The Ultimate Easy Guitar Play-Along series is a great example of this. You’ll see controls above the sheet music where you can play samples of the audio and/or video. When purchased, you’ll get the full-length audio and/or video clips that you can stream from that control bar right on your browser, plus you can download any audio or video file to your computer by selecting it on the playlist and clicking the download icon. Many internet browsers default to saving those files in a “download” folder unless you specify another location.



I completed my order, but where's my sheet music?

When you are logged in at TotalSheetMusic.com, click or tap on “My Account” in the upper right, and then on “My Music” on the left.

Can I get a copy of my receipt/invoice?

After completing your order, a receipt is automatically emailed to you. If you didn't receive the receipt, or if you deleted or lost it, you can log into TotalSheetMusic.com, click or tap on “My Account” in the upper right, and then on "Order History" on the left. You will see a list of all orders you placed since January 2015. Click or tap on the "Invoice" link in the rightmost column to view the recept. Any orders completed prior to January 2015 are not stored in order history.



Why can I only print one copy of a song that I purchased?

If you only purchased one copy, you will only be able to print the piece once. When purchasing for a classroom or for multiple people, please purchase the number of copies that you intend to print of each piece. For example, if you purchase 50 copies of a piece, you will be able to print 50 copies of that piece.

How do I print sheet music that I purchased?

TotalSheetMusic is a direct-to-print digital music service. You can print your music by accessing it through your account. This will only work on a computer, not a phone or tablet. Please follow the instructions below to print your music:

  • Please sign into your account at www.totalsheetmusic.com using the "Login" option shown at the top right of the page. It’s recommended to use the Google Chrome web browser for best results.
  • While logged in to your account, click “My Account” shown at the top of the page. You will then see your purchase(s).
  • Click the “view/print” option to print your music.

Some additional tips:

  • Turn off headers and footers and "Fit to page" if given the option.
  • It may take longer for larger files to load. Please review all pages in the Print Preview before printing.
  • Please ensure your printer has paper in it prior to clicking the "Print" icon at the top of the window.
  • When prompted with "Was this print successful?" ensure the printing worked before confirming yes.



Can I view music on my tablet?

Yes! We worked hard to make the music viewable right from your web browser so there are no annoying errors or software programs to install.

Can I view music on my phone?

Well, technically you can… but on a screen that small, it’s not always a very good experience. We did create our website to be mobile-friendly, so you can always browse our site, place orders from your phone, and then print or view the music from your computer or tablet later.



What's your return policy?

In general, digital content purchased and downloaded from TotalSheetMusic.com is not returnable. If you experience technical problems accessing a download or using the item you purchased, we are happy to help you troubleshoot the problem. For assistance of any kind, please contact Customer Service.